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Engineered for Security. Designed for Privacy.

Encrypt your Personal and Business communications with our trusted ChatMail® mobile encrypted solution.

ChatMail is an industry-leading mobile encrypted solution comprised of a custom-built app enabling private and secure communications on a locked-down Android device.

ChatMail was developed to give businesses, individuals, and organizations the ability to share information freely, safely, and efficiently. Our mission is to provide privacy to the masses with an end-to-end encrypted solution that offers the strongest mobile security.  Work With;

  • Pixel Phone        - 4a / 4xl Work with Renati OS

  • Samsung Phone - Work whit ChatMail MDM

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Don’t assume that your privacy is protected, know that it is.

Smartphones have become a one-stop shop for your data, giving sophisticated hackers tons of opportunities to target you through free encrypted messaging apps and secure smartphones where your messages, camera, microphone, and even your precise GPS location data could be exploited. Not with ChatMail.

ChatMail is more than an encrypted app. Our feature-rich communications suite and proprietary ChatMail Advanced Messaging & Parsing Protocol (CAMP) encompasses both our PGP and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, protecting your data in transit and at rest. You hold the encryption key. We use the toughest encryption algorithms available with AES 256-bit encryption, also known as military-grade encryption.

Access to the Google Play Store has been blocked as we exclude third-party apps, which are susceptible to malicious software, including Pegasus, ransomware, and more. We remove internet browsing and disable GPS, USB, and Bluetooth, which keeps your location private and prevents your device from being spied on, hijacked, or infected with a virus.

Security as a Foundation

Your data is one of your most valuable assets, so any information you choose to share, if intercepted, could cause irrefutable harm to you or your company. Opting for a security-focused phone like ChatMail does mean you will lose out on some smartphone features and services, but the real value comes from what you gain back – your privacy.

ChatMail is known for its incomparable security. Custom-built upon the Android Open-Source Project, with proprietary software to eliminate exposure to vulnerabilities, your communications are instantaneous and

fully supported. We self-host BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), from our privately owned data center located at our Myntex headquarters in Canada - backed by our custom-designed man-in-the-middle DDoS Protection and Canadian laws that protect encryption.

We're making ChatMail even more secure with Renati, our security-focused mobile operating system in beta testing. Our goal is to make the world's most secure phone.

Lignes abstraites

With multiple encryption algorithms and an easy-to-use interface, our advanced features make for a seamless transition into the world of encrypted communications.

Encrypted Backup & Restore

Encrypted Backup & Restore

Only you have the ability to back up or access your data using a private, personal password. A simple one-step process and your contacts or notebook are restored.

Web-Based Administration Portal

Distributors have full access to configure and deploy ChatMail encrypted devices. Our advanced portal gives you access to licensing, account administration, remote wipes, transferring accounts and more.

Parsing Algorithm (PGP)

Our proprietary parsing algorithm transforms the way you look at encrypted PGP emails. Our parsing algorithm strips out all the unnecessary bits of a PGP encrypted email - subject lines, email signatures, etc- and converts them to appear like a chat message.

Transparent KeyStore Access

Unparalleled full control over your encryption keys. You can generate new keys with the click of a button. Key cache has been designed so every 24 hours public keys are automatically fetched to make sure you never have an old public key. Individual key lookups can be updated manually in a matter of seconds.

No Server Storage

ChatMail is the first encrypted PGP email solution to support end-to-end encryption. Our email servers act as a relay for your communications. You no longer need to trust that the server is deleting your sensitive information because ChatMail does not store your sent or received messages.

Group Conversations

ChatMail's custom-designed technology allows for both group chat and anonymous group chat. You can select whether members are allowed to send voice messages, images and/or share contacts. You can also set the group to expire after a certain period of time or set a mandatory message expiry for all communications.

A whole new ChatMail experience

However you use encryption, the game has changed

Tamper Proof

Set an optional duress password which can destroy all your sensitive data in an instant.

Self-Destructiong Messages

Send a picture, note, or message that can’t be saved and will be destroyed on all devices at a set time.

Notbook Lock Screen

Lock down your important content with a customized PIN.

Encrypted Camera & Photos

Take optimized photos that are saved without any cached data.

Voice Messaging

Send and receive encrypted voice messages and listen by earpiece or speaker.

Anonymous Group Chat

Easily and securely message multiple people at once, while protecting each others’ identities.

Multiple Languages

Use ChatMail in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Albanian, Serbian Cyrillic, Japanese, Polish and Italian.

Multiple Languages

Use ChatMail in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Albanian, Serbian Cyrillic, Japanese, Polish and Italian.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash and Credit cards.



 3 months /  800$ USD - Sim Free

 6 months / 1250$ USD - Sim Free

12 months / 2500$ USD - Sim Free

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