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Reseller, Distributor

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Join the world of mobile security

Whatever, our country, your language. If you have a network, or you are already in the business just contact us.  

It's over 20 years we are in the business. We offer you the best deal you can have in the market for each service. We take care of the technical support and all negotiations with suppliers. All you need to do, It's concentrate on selling.

Be a part of a global team located in over 10 countries. Accelerate your revenue with no upfront costs, competitive wholesale pricing, and ongoing customer renewals.

If you have contacts that require cell phones, apps, or encrypted equipment, contact us! you can be a distributor of our products. As a partner, you’re set up to deliver value, trust, and knowledge to the growing mobile security market.

Be a distributor of the best-encrypted communications systems in the world.

What is it like to be an Encrypted dealer?

If you are a person or organization that has an audience interested in encrypted communication tools, you can partner with us to distribute our products to them.

Why encrypted communication systems?

People, companies, and even governments have been victims of digital attacks for a long time. According to data, the damage costs of cybercrime reached $7 billion annually by 2022. Threats are becoming more advanced and encryption technology is needed to protect information.

Mobile security, a growing business!

Every day privacy is more necessary and more difficult to achieve. Therefore, this is a market that is constantly growing and whose demand covers more and more sectors.


What does it mean to be an Encrypted distributor?

To be a distributor requires great caution, reserve, and responsibility in the use of data, in order to provide the greatest possible security to our users.

High Fives

Enjoy benefits made to help you succeed.
Our partner programs open new doors for your business.

We offer superior products.

With an impeccable track record over the past ten years, our products have proven their superiority in the mobile security market.

Receive qualified leads

We will send you qualified and relevant leads that apply through our marketing channels.

Get 24/7 support

We are here to help. Our dedicated Partner Success team is available 24/7 to provide sales or technical support to you or your clients, in three languages.

Enjoy marketing support

Our marketing experts can help you every step of the way and ensure that your product becomes a commercial success.

Go-to-market fast

Our application, delivery, and onboarding processes are optimized to ensure that you can start selling as quickly as possible.

Access training resources

Our extensive product, marketing, sales, and technical training courses are designed to set you up for success from day one.

Get Started with Encrypted Communications

Join our global team of 25 resellers and harness the opportunities to create new revenue streams working with an established brand trusted by our clients

Financial Incentives

Partner pricing

Lucrative profit

no upfront costs

Sales & Marketing

Global advertising support

Technical support 24/7

Top Products & Services

We have all the best products and services offer in the world. 


Become a partner, is easy like, 1, 2, 3...


Fill out the partner application form, and our representatives will guide you through the onboarding process.


Complete the online or onsite training courses to master our products and platforms.

3 / SELL

Launch your product offering, start selling, and enjoy our professional after-sales support.

Join Our Team



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