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Security-Focused Operating System For ChatMail®

Being privacy-focused is only the first step.

Renati is a security-focused custom operating system layered on a hardened Android device to protect your digital information. Secure bi-directional tunneling technology, the removal of third-party apps, and proprietary security protocols keep you safe from hacking, phishing, and malware. With all Google and data tracking services permanently removed, your digital identity belongs to the person who matters most: you. mobile security.  

Renati has been tested across the globe and underwent rigorous testing proving not a single commercially available forensic device was capable of extracting data from ChatMail on Renati.  



  • Renati runs on select Pixel devices:

  • Android 12: 3a, 3a XL

  • Android 13: 4a, 4a 5G, 6a, 6, 6 Pro, with 7, 7a, 7 Pro

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Keep your location to yourself.


We've taken unprecedented steps to make sure location services are disabled at every level of the operating system.

  • System Location UI: Not just removed from the interface, but completely disabled.

  • Fused Location: The code has been removed to prevent any possibility of accessing cached location data.

  • Hardware Abstraction Layer: GPS drivers have been removed so there's no way to communicate with the module.

  • GPS Module: Total code removal, even location, and route analytics are eliminated.


Emergency Location Services: All related code has been eliminated, closing a common exploit avenue for tracking movement for injecting zero-day exploits and malware.

Bluetooth Tracking: Even wireless beacons can't track your location while indoors. It's like you were never there.

Technology should work for your privacy, not against it.

Modern mobile operating systems are designed from the ground up to collect your data. Renati has a zero-tolerance policy for data control, implemented over every aspect of the operating system and device.


Disabled Hardware

  • GPS

  • Biometrics

  • Bluetooth

  • USB data

  • NFC


Removed Software

  • Web browsing

  • 3rd party apps

  • Google services

  • Advertising services


Get the full details by downloading thRenati Technical Specifications.

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Renati goes further to keep your data safe.

Custom Kernel

Renati controls all aspects of the device, right down to fortifying the fundamental architecture from any type of attack or exploit. Not even forensic tools like UFED analyzers or Pegasus stand a chance.

OTA Updates

Digital threats are constantly evolving. That's why Renati allows for rapid and secure over the air updates on WiFi. Get the latest security available without impacting your data usage.

Android Verified Boot

All executable code and data that forms the operating system is verified via Renati's encryption keys, and not test keys.

Discover a Security-Focused Platform Designed to Safeguard Your Most Valuable Assets. 


Forensic Security Validation: Renati Proves Its Might​

We take immense pride in announcing that Renati passed forensic tests, setting a new benchmark in security. Commercial forensic tools have proven futile in the face of Renati's fortified defenses.

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Findings of Forensic Testing

ChatMail® on Renati™
Android 12, Pixel 3a device
Dated: July 5, 2023


1. Utilize all available exploit methods to unlock the device while in:

  • BFU (Before First Unlock) State

  • AFU (After First Unlock) State

2. Extract data off the device while in a:

  • Locked state

  • Unlocked state

3. Attempt decryption, parse, and read extracted data from ChatMail on Renati.


1. Unlock Device

  • No commercially available tool, software, or exploit was able to unlock the device in the BFU state.

  • No commercially available tool, software, or exploit was able to unlock the device in the AFU state.

2. Data Extraction

  • No commercially available tool, software, or exploit was able to extract any data from the device in a locked state.

  • Using the provided password in an unlocked state, the device still proved to be extremely difficult to obtain an extraction. Only system files and carrier-identifying data were able to be extracted from the device using the password that was provided to us.

  • No user-generated data was able to be extracted.

3. Application Data

  • No user-generated data specifically targeting ChatMail was readable.

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