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XPal is a Secure End-to-End Encrypted messenger that

doesn't require any personal information to use.


XPal is a secure Encrypted Messenger app. Each member gets a unique xPal ID (xID) that allows them to securely and anonymously text, audio/video call any other xID in the world, through the xPal Platform. No personal information is associated with your account, nor is it required to get a free xID. This makes communication totally anonymous, secure, and private.

XPal is a Secure End-to-End Encrypted messenger that

doesn't require any personal information to use.

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Protect your team's secrets without any hassles

Mobile Number

not required to register.

  • You will get a Free

  • 9-Digit Global xPal ID (xID).

  • which you can use to communicate with other xPal IDs (xID), securely and privately, anywhere in the world. There is no need for an area code or country code. This ensures total anonymity.

  • No Country code.

  • No Area Code is Required.

  • Global xPal ID (xID).

We do not collect any data or personal Information.


  • Not your name.

  • Not your phone number.

  • Not your email address.

  • Not your location.

  • Not your contacts.

Your information is safe with you.

End-to-End Encrypted Calls



All audio and video calls are encrypted and use peer-to-peer communication
so that the calls are never seen by the xPal servers.

xPal does not store any information about our users so we have no information to offer or give to any agency. This means that we could NEVER sell any information, not to third-party advertisers, not to anyone. xPal exists to support everyone’s right to privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech and expression.



Reverse PIN Security

Instant wipe of history. which is an optional feature, that allows
you to instantly and permanently delete all your x
Pal message
history from Your device and from Recipients too. xPal also


Suppose Your PIN


Enter PIN in Reverse


Magic Begins!

All your data/chats are now wiped out
totally and your contacts are
just temporarily masked.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards. 
12 months / 60$ USD



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