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Real-Time Business Communication: chat, video and audio conferencing, broadcasts, and screen sharing wherever you are!

Business Communication with extensive features

VNCtalk is a unique enterprise real-time communication solution including chat, video, and audio conferencing, screen sharing, voice messaging, file sharing, broadcasts, document collaboration, and much more.

VNCtalk is available as a full-featured Web Client in your browser, Desktop Client (Windows, Mac, Linux), and VNCtalk App (Android and iOS). Thus, VNCtalk is your comprehensive virtual communication tool on any device.

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VNCtalk Highlights

Host efficient, secure, and productive virtual meetings.

Conduct professional online presentations with your customers and team in great audio and video

Secure and straight file sharing

Send your files directly in VNC talk chats from your local drive or your cloud and save files received om chats. Collaboration made simple.

Effortless and secure communication & collaboration

Benefits form a wide feature set in group chats: rich text format, voice messages, document collaboration, image previews, and integrated VNClagoon products with inline editing.

VNCtalk Features

VNClagoon is an unmatched unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.


Chat &Group Chat

1:1 or 1:n text chat – all you need is a browser. Use chats or groupchats to constantly stay in touch with your team, partners and customers.



Remote collaboration is made easier with simultaneous document editing. VNClagoon provides a central location for all files, documents, and other rich media. This makes it extremely uncomplicated for team members, irrespective of their location to access information.


Audio &Video Conferencing

1:1 or 1:n video and audio calls with perfect quality and optimized resolution for increased efficiency and productivity within your team.


Screen Sharing & Whiteboard

Screen Sharing in your browser – no extra tool or plugin required due to the pure power of WebRTC. Collaboration on Whiteboards with images, shapes and text for interactive and creative virtual meetings and workshops. .png

Extensive File Sharing

Send any file formats to your chat partners and manage your received files easily & securely.

thatsit.io_directory .png

Directory Services

Get access to your contacts, contact lists and work groups thanks to the seamless integration with VNCdirectory. Manage users, roles, permissions and workflows with ease.

The VNCtalk App is a real alternative to WhatsApp or other SaaS-based messengers. VNCtalk comes with familiar features – and some more!

VNClagoon is an unmatched unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.


VNCtalk Web Client

Fast access wherever you are

The VNCtalk Web Client enables you to access all professional VNCtalk communication features like chat, audio, and video conferences in the same standard browser as VNCmail or VNCproject.

Thus, you enter your entire workspace with your browser, without having to start separate applications for every single activity you’d like to perform.

The VNCtalk Web Client runs on any standard browser on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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12 months / 180$ USD



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