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Improved take on surveillance

Leap forward into new security standards with TotalSec's addition of high-end smartphones, laptops, and routers. Omit any chance of malicious trespassing of your privacy and security with the improved security solutions of TotalSec.
TotalSec Phone, work with;

  • GooglePixel 4, 4a, 5, 5a, 7

  • ONEPLUS 6, 6T, 7



TotalSec Phone provides top-quality security and complete privacy in your day-to-day communication and for your data storage. High-end privacy and safety are enhanced with TotalSec security solutions which consist of – end-to-end encryption, full anonymity, and digital intrusion control and prevention.

Secure Messages

Secure your private messaging sessions with TotalSec high-end encryption. Complete security against harmful external threats for your messaging experience.

Secure Devices

TotalSec is made only for legitimate devices that weren't counterfeited or altered in any way or form and comply with our strict terms of service and security standards.

Secure Network

TotalSec provides secure global network servers that offer a supreme connection and can be reached from anywhere and anytime ensuring full access and support.


Take your messaging session’s protection to the next level with the TotalSec security platform – the most secure, high-end encryption platform in today’s market. Better, tougher, stronger, and more secure than regular enterprise-grade encryption with must-have brute-force protection and a protected global network to enhance your privacy and security to the maximum capacity! Modern security solutions with enhanced protection technologies shield your experience on your device and make your data privacy-free from harmful threats. Packed with plenty of solid security features to fortify and reinforce your device’s prosperity.

VPN encryption offers a secure alternative to using a public network. VPN encryption masks your IP address and encrypts all communications from your device.

End-to-end encrypted chat. Communicate calmly. Your messages are protected.

Self-destructive messages.

You can set a duration time for your messages, after this time the message will self-destruct immediately.

Group Broadcast Messages.

Send Updates to contact groups easily with just a couple of steps.

You can delete all the information on your phone with a keyword that you send to your chat.

Flash Messaging.

Send messages that disappear 30 sec after reading them.

The device has data encryption, stealth mode, flash messaging, full-featured group chat, and many more.

Mail PGP

Send emails securely through PGP mail. All your emails will be safe.

Bitcoin Wallet Cryptocurrencies

With TotalSec you can securely carry out and manage all your cryptocurrency activities.


Share Images and Notes.

Send notes, images, and contacts with the ability to control the download.

Group Chats.

Create group chats and keep all your company information safe. It doesn't matter if they are large groups with TotalSec you can keep the entire organization connected.

Memo pad.

Keep all your notes and reminders safe.

Secure Audio Messages.

attach voice notes securely.

Telegram & Signal.

We offer you the option to use Telegram or Signal to communicate with friends, family, or contacts outside the TotalSec network.

P2P VoIP Call.

Make peer-to-peer (P2P) VoIP calls without the information passing through any server.


Make secure calls between TosalSEC. users. Communicate calmly and safely.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards.

3 months /  840$ USD - Sim Free 

6 months / 1265$ USD - Sim Free



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