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Threema for Individual.

Thanks to state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, no one other than the intended recipient can read transmitted messages, not even Threema as the service operator. It’s not required to provide any personal data whatsoever: If so desired, Threema can be used completely anonymously, i.e., without disclosing one’s phone number or email address. Threema was built from the ground up with data protection and privacy in mind (Privacy by Design), which is why only as little metadata as possible is generated when using the service.

Threema is 100% Swiss Made, hosts its own servers in Switzerland*, and, unlike US services (which are subject to the CLOUD Act, for example), it is fully GDPR-compliant.

For Android devices, buy the activation code and go to that link. Insert your activation code and you will be able to download the application for Android by downloading the APK. The application is also available on the Google play store and Apple Store.


Pay once, and chat forever. No collection of user data. Open Source.

Guaranteed Privacy, Strong Encryption, Open Source

Threema is the instant messenger designed to generate as little user data as possible. All communication is end-to-end encrypted, and the app is open source.

Chat Anonymously: No Phone Number Required

Each user generates a random Threema ID when setting up the app. Linking a phone number or email address is optional.

No Collection of User Data, No Ads

Services that are financed by advertising collect user data in order to target their ads. Threema is not financed by advertising and does not collect user data.

Threema Is a Statement

Threema is more than a chat app. Threema is a statement. A statement for privacy.

Security and Privacy by Design

Threema was designed from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. Since day one, the restraint on metadata has been our guiding principle. For where there is no data, no data can be misused. Threema’s server only assumes the role of a switch: After a message has been delivered to its recipient, it will be permanently deleted at once.

The focus on security and privacy protection is also reflected in the implementation of numerous particular features, such as profile picturesThreema calls, and the desktop app/web client.

Threema is committed to full transparency, and for this reason, the apps are open source. On top of that, renowned experts are regularly commissioned to conduct comprehensive security audits.

How does Threema stack up against Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp?

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Aceptamos criptomonedas, efectivo y tarjetas de crédito.

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