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SecureCrypt Chat

SecureCrypt is a mobile services provider that offers encrypted, private, and secure communications on a locked-down Android device.


SecureCrypt ensures all of your communications including calls, messages, group chats, photos, and documents are fully end-to-end encrypted. SecureCrypt uses advanced security features including tamper-proof, remote wipe, duress passwords, stealth mode, & more.

SecureCrypt was engineered to give businesses, individuals, and organizations the ability to share information freely, securely, and privately. _ 2 .webp

SecureCrypt was created as a solution for free mobile apps that collect and sell your data and spy on your entire device. Ideal for those looking for a complete mobile security solution who want to protect their communications.

60% of all cyberattacks globally are carried out against mobile devices. Around 80% target mobile devices via apps. Mobile malware, rootkits, and other malicious software will not work on our network.

Data breach statistics show that over 2.5 billion accounts are hacked in a year. Translating to roughly 6.85 million accounts getting hacked each day or 158 every second. Those with sensitive communication needs cannot afford these odds.

SecureCrypt was designed for those in finance, telecommunications, biotech, energy, corporate, legal, entertainment, healthcare, technology, media, and government.


SecureCrypt is a market leader for secure encrypted communications. .webp

Communicate safely with Private Encrypted Chat, Group Chat, Voice Calling, Conference Calling, File Transfer, and File Storage. All file transfer types are supported. .webp

Communication happens over the SecureCrypt private global network. We use highly secure and private APNs for a private & secure connection to any mobile network. Global SIM included. .webp

Network protections including GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC sensors being disabled give our clients the upmost privacy, which cannot be obtained using any free or paid app. Secured devices fill the gap that free apps leave wide open. .webp

All of our devices are secure and tamper-proof against any form of physical compromise attempts including Sideload attacks, Stingray 1&2, Dirtbox, Pegasus malware, + more. GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, & NFC sensors are disabled.


Our encrypted, & password-protected Vault allows you to store + transfer sensitive files & documents, to and from those on your approved contact list only.

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We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards.

3 mois / 450$ USD - No Sim

6 mois / 895$ USD - No Sim




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