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Salt Communications

Salt is the global leader in secure communications. Our bespoke platform is a secure communications solution that uniquely gives complete control to our customers.

They offer proven peace of mind to organizations that value their fundamental privacy by enabling their complete operational control and secure end-to-end communications, protecting their trusted relationships and vital interests.

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Security You Can Trust

Salt Encrypted App.

Keep your most sensitive communications secure

Salt is a secure communications solution that provides organizations or individuals with the best shield to protect trade secrets, confidential information, or sensitive data when communicating on desktop or mobile devices.

Transparency of security test

Salt is an open and trusted technology that is rigorously and routinely verified by independent parties. Along with Salt's transparency and willingness to discuss their messaging and calling protocols, we are also very open to facilitating third-party penetration tests organized by our clients.

Agnostic Encryption

Salt uses the latest and greatest encryption protocols to ensure that we offer customers the highest level of encryption within our secure communications platform. However, Salt is cipher independent, with the ability to use any cipher required by the client.

A superior level of security​

Protect your organisations highly sensitive, strategic, and proprietary data on mobile and desktop devices with Salt’s encrypted secure communications solution.

Secure Voice Calls

One-to-one calls and conferencing between up to 16 participants, as well as global VoIP calls.

Screensshot Protection

Admins can restrict screenshots for added internal security. Users will receive a notification if screenshots are taken.

Encrypted File Transfer

Salt ensures end-to-end encryption of multiple file attachments, from confidential documents to sensitive images.

Message Burn

Users can burn information manually or via a timer from their device and all recipients' devices.

Message Broadcasting

Share messages, images & documents with large groups of users within your organization.

Secure Messaging

Private, real-time secure messaging and group chat functionality.

Private calls to mobile and landline numbers

With Silent World, your traveling executives can call anyone from anywhere. Silent World extends the reach of Silent Phone so you can make calls to and receive calls from mobile and landline numbers.

Global Burn Functionality

Our dedicated burn functionality allows users to purge information not only from their devices but from all recipients' devices too. This ensures sensitive information can be removed from every device globally by any user.

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We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards.

12 months / 830$ USD



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