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NapoleoN Chat

NapoleoN Chat is an instant messaging application that allows you to send text messages, images, audio, video, and documents and make voice and video calls in a SAFE, PRIVATE, and QUICK way encrypting them from point to point.

Our priority is your "TRUE PRIVACY"


We have servers with our own infrastructure guaranteeing the security and protection of your data.


Any kind of message that has been read and destroyed is NOT stored on any server, cloud, or anywhere else.



It notifies the other user when the capture screen has been made in Conversation.



We do not share any type of ads or advertising through our application; at any time, you will be interrupted by ads or links that lead to other pages. Our app does not use cookies and your email will not be requested.

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Remember, with NapoleoN Chat, "Your PRIVACY, is only YOURS.”

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We protect your PRIVACY.
Your PRIVACY is yours alone and we help you take care of it. We offer you a chat with point-to-point encrypted instant messaging that allows you to send text messages, images, audio, video, and documents, and make voice and video calls, Safe, Private, and Fast.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards.

12 months / 60$ USD



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