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International Sim Card. 

We take your privacy seriously!

The Encrypted SIM is the first international SIM card that connects you anywhere and offers you the security and privacy you are looking for.

No contracts or personal data. We make sure that your personal information is not passed on to third parties.

Our Encrypted SIM is safe and easy to use. Activated instantly online, it guarantees total privacy and protection for your data. Easily recharge from wherever you are.

You can't be identified, tracked, or intervened.


Only Encrypted International Data. No need to pay each month and no expiration date. You top-up your account with us.  You buy the data you need.

No contracts or personal data.

Pay only for what you use. As long as you are using the International Encrypted SIM Card, your balance never expires no matter how long it takes to consume it. Your data is for life! We make sure that your personal information is not passed on to third parties.


Our international Chip works on any type of device, IOS, Android, and Windows, and is compatible with all applications.

We do not store call history

No contracts, personal data or court dates

Your calls will be untraceable or unidentifiable with features like DID, ID substitution and callback

You can generate a fake number for your calls

Coverage in more than 200 countries.


Hungría, Letonia, Lituania, Portugal, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Malta, Noruega, Suecia, Turquía, Chipre, Polonia, Alemania, Suiza, Eslovenia, Islandia, Mayotte, Países Bajos, Reino Unido,

Sim_Card_encryted_thatsit.io_ZoneA .webp

14GB / 120$USD

35GB / 300$USD

70GB / 600$USD

Why use the encrypted sim?

Complete anonymity!


Your IMEI will be hidden to prevent associating the SIM with a phone.

Our SIM does not issue an IMSI, which makes it impossible to locate the connection source.

As suppliers we will not store records of our clients or personal data

You have no time limit to consume the resources of your plan.

The Encrypted SIM works in more than 200 countries with ease of connection and economy

You will have encrypted geolocation information, which makes it impossible to locate yourself in real time.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards.

Top Up your International Encrypted Sim Card.

5$ USD Encrypted Sim Card



We can send you an International Encrypted sim card by post or you pick up one in our reseller store.

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