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Evolve and Advance your Mobile Security

CryptCom converts your Smartphone into a highly secure communications device with an everyday standard Android phone interface.

For added convenience, on CryptCom-installed smartphones, you also have access to download and securely use several other popular privacy applications. Work With;

  • Pixel Phone           - Work With Cryptcom UEM

  • Samsung Phone  - Work With Cryptcom UEM

  • Sya Phone              -Work With Cryptcom OS .webp
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Decentralized Secure Network

CryptCom utilizes a cutting-edge decentralized network, with the use of systems simultaneously spread across many geographic locations globally. For added security and to maintain its decentralized nature, systems are used for relaying encrypted communications auto-delete and move daily.

CryptCom uses a sophisticated secure Dynamic VPN that constantly changes with perpetually Rotating System IP’s.


Worldwide Service

Worldwide international data access SIM cards are included.
Devices come with two SIM cards for carrier data redundancy to prevent downtime and enhance coverage.

Easy Set-up

QR Scan initiates the activation process, no complicated lengthy loading process; it takes only a couple minutes to activate a handset.


Seamless Integration
Cryptcom can communicate with most encryption services available in the market; enjoy being able to carry a single device that accommodates all of your secure communication needs with contacts.

Protect all your information with a powerful chat and encrypted mail

Triple layer of encryption

CryptCom Secured Hands

Cryptcom deploys a secure Mobile device manager (MDM) within the smartphone which is autonomous, only on the device without any remote server dependency such as with typical commercial MDM systems which leave remote access backdoor vulnerabilities.

Encrypted Hidden Partition on the device.

Regular-looking handset with standard-looking applications. Enter the Encrypted Partition using a secret PIN inside the Phone Dialer.

No Backdoor access to the device or application is possible.

Devices are not updatable via push updates, therefore no 3rd party is able to force an unauthorized update that could deteriorate security to Cryptcom-loaded smartphones.

Rotating IPs.

Chat sessions are connected via random proxy servers to ensure the user’s IP locations are kept private. IPs continuously change.

IMEI Changer.

The device will advertise a changing IMEI, it is auto-changing to prevent surveillance.

Grab Proof

The device auto logs out if grabbed from the user's hands or the device gets shaken or jolted.

Secure Firewall

All endpoints are secured. By design, no unauthorized data flow can pass the secure firewall. The device only allows whitelisted authorized data flows and applications.

Contact us to place your orders.

We accept Crypto Currency, Cash, and Credit cards. 
 3 months /  750$ USD

 6 months / 1 350$ USD

12 months / 2600$ USD

OS Cryptcom on Sya Phone

UEM on a Samsung phone or Pixel Phone.



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